APRIL 15, 2020


City Creek Post Acute is pleased to partner with the State of Utah Department of Health in dedicating its Facility, staff and resources to creating an environment where those who have been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive can recuperate, rehabilitate, and receive skilled nursing services.  Unlike other circumstances where a facility may be designated as a COVID facility as a result of a COVID-19 outbreak, this designation is being done thoughtfully and proactively.  The clinical staff at City Creek, under the direction of Dr. Ravinder Ahluwalia (City Creek Medical Director) and in consultation with Dr. Allyn Nakashima (Healthcare-Associated Infections Program Manager with the Utah Department of Health), will deliver recovery-based care to these patients, with the goal of returning each one to their individual baseline and advancing their prescribed rehabilitation objectives. City Creek Post Acute has a history of caring for clinically complex residents; the Facility is currently rated “above average” on (the nursing home compare website) for overall care, and has a five-star (much above average) rating for quality measures.

Having a facility proactively dedicated to treating COVID-positive residents has many benefits.  For example, it allows the facility team of caregivers and support staff to receive additional, focused training on safe and effective methods of COVID treatment; further, it streamlines the use of personal protective equipment, eliminates waste, and allows government and private suppliers of protective equipment (such as N95 respirator masks, eye protection, and isolation gowns) to prioritize allocations where they are needed most.   This will preserve limited supplies, while maximizing effectiveness across the patient population and optimizing the protection for caregivers. Similarly, having COVID positive patients in one location allows facility staff to partner with State and community resources in developing protocol for supportive treatment and other disease-specific expertise to accelerate the recovery process, rather than focusing on isolating and testing.

The designation of City Creek as a positive COVID-19 facility followed weeks of meetings with the Lt. Governor’s COVID-19 Committee. This Committee is chaired by Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, and includes representatives from the State of Utah Department of Health, the Utah Assistant Director of Medicaid, representatives of all four major Hospital Groups in the area (e.g., Intermountain Healthcare, HCA, Steward, and University of Utah), the President of the Utah Health Care Association, and representatives of the Long Term Care Provider Community. This interdisciplinary group ultimately agreed that establishing a COVID positive facility would provide a safe and secure environment within which to serve the skilled nursing needs of this specific subgroup of patients in the Salt Lake City community. “I am excited to be associated with this important initiative,” said Jared MacDonald, Administrator of City Creek Post Acute. “We have been working tirelessly to develop a specialized plan of care for the COVID-19 positive patient, and appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in the treatment of those directly impacted by this virus.”

The Committee carefully considered the risks and benefits associated with this facility designation, including concerns about exposure from the virus to the neighborhood adjacent to City Creek.  There is no epidemiological threat to the health and safety of others as a result of the presence of a COVID-19 positive Facility. Dr. Nakashima, Utah Department of Health, confirms the above, and states as follows: “The facility is doing extensive training of their staff on infection prevention to ensure their personal safety as well as safety of the community. We don’t believe that there will be any additional risk of COVID-19 above what is already in the community immediately surrounding facility.”

City Creek thanks the COVID-19 Committee, the State, its hospital and long term care partners, and the community, for placing their collective trust in its staff and care providers to serve the needs of this deeply impacted population of patients. “We recognize that this virus affects many people in our community, and we are grateful to be able to be part of the solution,” said MacDonald.